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By taking a simple step of preparing for an emergency, one acquires knowledge and experience which is priceless in saving your own life.

Many people take an emergency situation for granted. On average, 40 incidents are recorded daily in the metro region alone, which may have been prevented if the proper precautions were taken.

An emergency is an unplanned and uncontrolled event, as a business owner, director or a health and safety practitioner, one needs to understand the reality of dealing with labor inspectors, insurance, courts, loss in business and assets or even worse loss of life due to the effects caused after an incident, no one wellcomes this type of stress.

By having an emergency action plan in place, it helps establish a well coordinated response to the type of emergency you’re involved in and mitigate the effects it can cause to your business.

Red Siren (Pty) Ltd is the preferred fire specialist for all your fire safety needs.

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