Our Solutions

Automatic sprinkler and deluge systems

Fire pumps and tanks

Early warning fire and smoke detection

Alarm and extinguishing systems

Foam suppression systems and equipment

Portable and mobile fire extinguishers

Fire hose reel and fire hydrant installations

Hydrant hoses, couplings and branches

Fire plan approvals in terms of the national building regulations act

Rational fire designs

COR consultation on gas installations approvals

COR consultation on heavy duty vehicles approvals

Consultation with fire compliance certificates approvals

Consultation with business licenses approvals

Fire safety audits and inspections


Firefighting PPE and accessories

Symbolic safety signage

Fire trailers

Evacuation plans

Firefighting and evacuation drills

Risk assessments

Investigations into workplace safety, health and environmental incidents

Occupational health and safety inspections

Fire training level 1-3

First aid level 1-3

Heights level 1-3


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